Catalog 04




02-1-10-02-46-HD – Full Masion Hdbd Only

02-1-10-02-46-RTX – Full Mansion W/ Rope And Star

02-1-10-02-46-STG – Full Mansion Storage Bed

02-1-10-02-46-TX – Full Masion Bed W/Star

02-1-10-02-46-TX-HD – Full Star Headboard

02-1-10-02-46-TX-STG – Full Mansion Storage W/Star



02-1-10-02-50-21-CHD – Econo Queen W/ Cross Head Boar

02-1-10-02-50-21-CRS – Econo Queen Bed W/ Cross

02-1-10-02-50-21-HD – Econo Queen Bed Headboard Only

02-1-10-02-50-21-TX – Econo Queen Bed W/ Star

02-1-10-02-50-21TXHD – Econo Queen Headboard W/ Star

02-1-10-02-50-CRS – Queen Mansion W/ Cross

02-1-10-02-50-CRS-HD – Queen Mansion W/ Cross Hdbd

02-1-10-02-50-HDBD – Queen Mansion Hdbd Only

02-1-10-02-50-R – Queen Mansion W/ Rope

02-1-10-02-50-RTX – Queen Mansion W/ Rope And Star

02-1-10-02-50-RTX-HD – Queen W/ Rope And Star Hdbd On

02-1-10-02-50-STG – Queen Mansion Storage Bed

02-1-10-02-50-TX – Queen Mansion Bed W/Star

02-1-10-02-50-TX-COP – Queen Mansion W/ Copper Star

02-1-10-02-50-TX-HD – Queen Mansion Head Only W/Star

02-1-10-02-50-TX-STG – Queen Mansion Storage W/ Star


02-1-10-02-60 – California King Mansion


02-1-10-02-60-TX – California King Mansion W/Star

02-1-10-02-66-21-CRS – Econo King Bed W/Cross

02-1-10-02-66-21-TX – Econo King Bed Star

02-1-10-02-66-CRS – King Mansion W/ Cross

02-1-10-02-66-CRS-HD – King Mansion W/ Cross Hdbd

02-1-10-02-66-HDBD – King Mansion Head Board Only

02-1-10-02-66-R – King Mansion W/ Rope

02-1-10-02-66-R-HD – King Mansion W/ Rope Headboard

02-1-10-02-66-RTX – King Mansion W/ Rope And Star

02-1-10-02-66-RTX-HD – King W/ Rope Star Hdbd Only

02-1-10-02-66-STG – King Mansion Storage Bed

02-1-10-02-66-TX – King Mansion W/ Star

02-1-10-02-66-TX-COP – King Mansion W/ Copper Star

02-1-10-02-66-TX-HD – Mansion King W/Star Hdbd

02-1-10-02-66-TX-STG – King Mansion Storage W/ Star

02-1-10-02-C-2 – Small Mansion Chest

02-1-10-02-C-CRS – Mansion Chest W/ Cross

02-1-10-02-C-RTX – Mansion Chest W/ Rope Star

02-1-10-02-C-TX – Mansion Chest W/ Star

02-1-10-02-C-TX-COP – Mansion Chest W/ Copper Star

02-1-10-02-C20 – Econo 2 Door 3 Drawer Chest