Catalog 23




06-1-10-02-CKT-SHDW – Shadow Box Cocktail Rope Star

06-1-10-02-END-SHDW – Shadow Box End Star Rope

06-1-10-02-MTX-CKT – Marble Rope Ckt Tbl W/Stars

06-1-10-02-MTX-END – Marble Rope End Tbl W/Stars

06-1-10-02-MTX-SOFA – Marble Rope Sofa Tbl W/Stars

06-1-10-02-SOFA-SHDW – Shadow Box Sofa Star Rope

06-1-10-02-TX-CKT – Rope Cocktail Table With Stars

06-1-10-02-TX-END – Rope End Table With Stars

06-1-10-02-TX-SOFA – Rope Sofa Table With Stars

06-1-10-03-TX-CKT – Star Cocktail Table

06-1-10-03-TX-END – Star End Table

06-1-10-03-TX-SOFA-1 – Star Sofa Table

06-1-10-03-TX-SOFA-2 – Star Sofa Table W/Drawers

06-1-10-04-TX-CKT – 5″Leg Star Cocktail Table

06-1-10-04-TX-END – 5″Leg Star End Table

06-1-10-04-TX-SOFA – 5″Leg Star Sofa Table

06-1-10-05-CKT – Round Marble Cocktail

06-1-10-05-END – Round Marble End

06-1-10-05-SOFA – Round Marble Sofa

06-1-10-06-TX-CKT – Round Cocktail W/Star

06-1-10-06-TX-END – Round End W/Star

06-1-10-06-TX-SOFA – Oval Sofa

06-1-10-07-CKT – Sq. Lyon Cktl

06-1-10-07-END – Lyon End Tbl

06-1-10-07-SOFA – Lyon Sofa Table

06-1-10-08-TX-CKT – Texas Star Iron Cocktail

06-1-10-08-TX-END – Texas Star Iron End

06-1-10-08-TX-SOFA – Texas Star Iron Sofa

06-1-10-10-CKT – Cktl W/Conchos

06-1-10-10-END – End Table W/Conchos

06-1-10-10-SOFA – Sofa Table W/Conchos

06-1-10-11-CKT – Indian Cocktail W/Marble

06-1-10-11-END – Indian End W/Marble

06-1-10-11-SOFA – Indian Sofa W/Marble

06-1-10-13-SOFA – Sofa Tbl W/2 Dwrs (Old 02 )

06-1-10-14-SOFA – Sofa Tbl W Dwrs & Slf (Old 02A

06-1-10-16-CKT – Spindle Leg Ckt W/2 Dwrs

06-1-10-16-END – Spindle Leg End

06-1-10-16-SOFA – Spindle Leg Sofa Tbl W/2Dwrs

06-1-10-16-TX-CKT – Spindle Leg Ckt W/2 Dwr W/Star

06-1-10-16-TX-END – Spindle Leg End Tbl W/Star

06-1-10-16-TX-SOFA – Spindle Leg Sofa W/Dwrs W/Star

06-1-10-17-CKT – Wood Square Leg Cocktail

06-1-10-17-END – Wood Square Leg End Table

06-1-10-17-SOFA – Wood Square Leg Sofa Table

06-1-10-30-CKT – 2 Drawer Cocktail